Tilia´s arrival into our pack was more or less a coincidence. I originally planned to keep a female puppy from Bona´s first litter. On the day I found out that the mating wasn´t successful, an advertisement about current litter of beautiful Zetty in Czech Republic popped up. However, all females were already reserved. Whether it was a coincidence or destiny, one of the female puppies became available in few days… our Tili.

Tilia has the eyes of a teddy bear – like two black buttons and an angelic face. But don´t be fooled. In reality, she is a little devil that is always running and jumping around.

She is extremely outgoing, friendly, loves everything and everyone. I am convinced that Tili doesn´t know negative emotions. Her constant good mood and goofiness are extremely contagious. She puts a smile on the face of whoever she meets. She is very cuddly and perceptive. She grew up to be an absolutely fantastic dog and a real companion.

  • a standard grey poodle

  • born 8 May 2021

  • Calanthé Banzette My Waimea & Jasttin ze Stříbrné Galaxie


  • junior champion of RO, HU and TR

  • champion of TR

  • grand champion of TR

  • winner of special poodle show (HU)

  • 1x CAC HR

  • 4x CACIB


  • HD A/A