When somebody asks me about Bona, I always answer this: “Bona is as obedient as a dog can be“ and it´s true. She is probably the best dog in the world. The dog I had before Bona was a female Doberman with a very distinct personality, so it required a lot of patience to train her. Bona came into my life as a reward.

She loves to move and doing anything together. She is very obedient, smart, quick, extremely agile and definitely the most disciplined coursing girl. She is willing to do any kind of work so she is not bored. On the other hand, when we are at home, she is calmly lying in her spot, so I don´t even know she´s there.

Cuddly is not a right word that describes Bona, but rather independent and self-reliant. The greatest expression of love for her is when I give her my attention and she returns it with her obedience and loyalty. Bona is truly an ANGEL.

  • a standard red-fawn poodle

  • born 29 May 2017

  • Alexis Regalis Canis & Adonai Aslan de la Bonne Anne


  • junior champion of SK, PL, HU and RO

  • champion of SK, CZ, HR and RS

  • international champion (C.I.B. title holder)


  • HD A/A

  • prcd – PRA N/B

  • rcd4 – PRA N/N

  • Neonatal encephalopathy N/N

  • Degenerative myelopathy N/N

  • Von Willebrand syndrome N/N