Daddy of puppies from litter A and litter B

     ELROND ze Sfory Chirona

♀️ C.I.B. Bajadera ze Sfory Chirona  &  ♂️ C.I.B. Flare Star JP Arktur

🥇 Junior Champion, Champion and Grand Champion of PL


  • Hip dysplasia  A/A
  • Elbow dysplasia  0/0
  • Patella luxation  0/0
  • Progressive retinal atrophy (prcd)  N/N
  • Degenerative myelopathy  N/N
  • Von Willebrand syndrome  N/N
  • Malignant hypertrophy  N/N
  • NEWS  N/N

- born 16 March 2018

- height 57cm, weight 22kg

- stud dog

Elrond´s nickname is "Paputek" which means "slipper" in Polish, because he is very cuddly and nice boy. His self-confidence and friendly nature are very endearing and attractive. He loves to play, swim, run and train. He is very clever, curious and dedicated.