Amor et Sol Vitae

FCI kennel

     The standard poodle is an extremely versatile dog – a hard worker, an enthusiastic athlete, a perceptive companion and much more. Apart from its appearance, this breed easily impresses with its agility, intelligence and friendly, cheerful character. I want to show and cultivate all of this in my breeding endeavour. Health, typical behaviour and anatomical features of the breed are my basic guideline. The socialization of puppies is crucial for me as I am convinced that a truly happy dog can only be one that is internally balanced, confident and courageous.

     My name is Magdaléna Kažimírová and I live in eastern Slovakia. Since my childhood I have known that a dog will always be a part of my life thanks to my first dog Ajda, miniature female poodle. After graduating in Cynology at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, I brought home a female Doberman – Diba (Paola Paolina Morgantina) with the intention of setting up a kennel. However, Diba had a weak immune system, so she wasn´t suitable for breeding. After her sudden death at the tender age of six, I was heartbroken and hesitated for a long time about what to do next…

     I made a decision in 2017, when Bona (C.I.B. Blanche di Zucchero) – a standard red-fawn female poodle, became a part of my life. Thanks to her versatility and huge enthusiasm for any activity, our life is very diverse, from trips to hiking, through agility and coursing to dog shows. This made me want to pursue breeding and try to take the dog ownership to the next level.

     In 2020, after Bona became breeding dog, I applied for protected kennel name Amor et Sol Vitae, which means Love and Sun of Life. The following year I wanted to keep a female puppy from the litter, however, the mating wasn´t successful. This unfortunate event has led me to fateful meeting with a little devil named Tilia (Gottie Banzette) – a standard grey female poodle that has been an extremely cheerful addition to our pack since the summer of 2021.

     When I found a more suitable dog for Bona from Warsaw, we attempted her second mating. The birth of three absolutely amazing curly puppies – Askia, Aela (Sansa) and Aksal (Charlie) on December 4, 2021 only confirmed the suitability. Although breeding is demanding in terms of time, sleep and finances, I had a lot of fun with the little ones and it was fantastic to be their guide and teacher as they discovered the world for the first time. So I decided to repeat the same mating in summer 2023, what finally brought other 6 siblings to the first litter on September 17 - Baoma, Bria, Baela (Arwen), Bonica (Ruby), Badeon and Bisa (Vesna). I love their exterior and characters. Raising them was a wild ride and a great experience. 

     The puppies leave for their new homes used not only to people, children, other dogs and animals, loud noises, the hustle of the street or shopping malls but also to taking care of their fur, claws and teeth, walking on a leash or riding in a car.

     I believe that with genuine effort and honest work we will be able to continue on this journey we have successfully started.